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In Honor Of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Christopher De Voss

October is the month to recognize Boob Cancer.

I think it was the great Biz Marke* that once said, “Boobs make the world go ’round, bitch.”

One of my favorite charities is Rock Pink.  Check ’em out.

In honor of saving Women’s Breasts’s’ses I have assembled some little known boob facts. It took a lot of time, effort, and endless hours of looking at boobs to compile this list, so please enjoy:

1) The average woman has two boobs.

 Weird, but true. Sub fact to this is that there are never more than two. (That scene from Total Recall was not real.) 

2) Motorboating, a term that refers to sticking one’s face in between two breasts and pretending you’re** making bubbles in water, while shaking your head back and forth, was invented in the early 1800s.

France lays claim to the invention of motorboating, which was called: bateau à moteur…

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Sweet Mama M

Blog Action Day is an annual event, that has run since 2007. It’s aim is to unite the world’s bloggers by posting about the same issue on the same day, in order to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion around things that impact us all. This year the focus is on “The Power of We”, a celebration of people working together to make a positive difference in the world, either for their own communities or for people they will never meet half way around the world. I’ve chosen to profile Shocking Pink.

Founded in 2011 by two young women undergoing cancer treatment, Shocking Pink has been established to provide a point of contact, knowledge centre and forum for young women with breast cancer. They also work to raise awareness and highlight research of breast cancer in the young and represent the unique views and concerns of young women with…

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CREDIT PROFILE NUMBERS: What is a CPN and who needs one?

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WHAT IS A CPN? A CPN is the first step to acquiring new credit on a new credit file. The term CPN is nothing more than a abbreviated 3 letter word which means; Credit Profile Number. A Credit Profile Number is defined as, “ANY 9 DIGIT NUMBER WHICH CAN BE USED FOR CREDIT.” These 9 digit numbers can be found in every bank, credit union, or financial institution as a SSN, ITIN, TIN, or EIN. Banks and lending institutions DO IN FACT LEND TO; individuals using SSN’s, Legal Non Resident Aliens using ITIN’s, Tax Paying Individuals using TIN’s, and businesses using EIN’s! You can use your Credit Profile Number (CPN) for Opening Bank Accounts, Applying for Business Licenses, Filing a Tax Return by Mail, File an Electronic Return, Make an electronic payment, Pass an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) matching program or anything that would be applicable to the use of a EIN, ITIN, TIN or SSN for credit reporting purposes. It is a well documented individuals owing business has received credit cards, car loans, certain types of mortgage, personal loans etc with the use of EIN’s, TIN’s, ITIN’s and SSN’s, which are all considered CPN’s when used outside of it’s natural intent, AND USED SOLELY AS AN APPROVAL MATRIX.

WHO NEEDS A LEGAL CPN: If you start a new business, hired (or will hire) employees, including household employees, opened a bank account, changed type of organization, purchased a going business, created a trust, created a pension plan as a plan administrator, i s a foreign person needing to comply with IRS withholding or TAX Regulations, Is administering an estate, is a withholding agent for taxes on non-wage income paid to an alien (i.e., individual, corporation, or partnership, etc.) is a state or local agency, is a single member LLC , is an S corporation or for any tax-related purpose even if the entity does not have employees. You either NEED or can benefit from a professionally established validated CPN number. OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT IS RECOMMENDED: Contact the bank, or banks, that you would consider opening an account with, and ask them what type of information they will require. Many of them request documents which show that the company exists, such as a certified copy of the certificate of formation or a certificate of good standing (Information we provide at the point we deliver your CPN.) The bank will also need the number. LEGAL CPN BEATS LEGAL ZOOM: Legal CPN offers a very similar service as compared to our rival Legal Zoom, except our clients receive more for their unique business needs! We offer with each CPN free Safe Scan, Choice Point and Lexis Nexus Search prior to issuing a CPN Number .


RESIDENT ALIEN CPN SERVICE ONLY $79.99!! YES Credit Profile Number (CPN) For Resident Aliens: Our Account Managers will process your information, complete your CPN and return it to you VIA E-Mail; Within 4 Business Days (Typical Turn Around Time is 2 Business Days.)  No SSN?  NO ITIN?  Get a Validated CPN!!  Be able to file taxes, open bank accounts, and obtain business licenses!! We are the Experts, we have established more CPN resident alien profiles than any other firm including Legal Zoom. Sponsored by David Glatzer; Legal CPN. Click the link to get started now!