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Millions of Cups of Coffee are Served in the US a day.

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Imagine living a life of health, abundance and freedom. Imagine a life without stress and financial pain.

Imagine the power of our exclusive H1X1 Super Concentrate Agaricus Blazei readily available to you in a delivery system everyone is already using. Now imagine the entire world hungry for these products and the opportunity this presents for you.

A Powerful Compensation Plan 

Vidacup provides our distributors with a very progressive and powerful compensation plan.

Vidacup’s unique and rewarding compensation plan makes anything possible. It’s an innovative and generous plan that will reward and compensate you for loyalty and leadership.


Healthy Coffee Cafe


Vidacup *Something HOT is  brewing!

*Vidacup Mo-Joe + Vidacup  Ageless Brew + Vidacup Extreme*

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Vidacup International, Launched an INCREDIBLE opportunity that will be a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN! It’s incredibly IMPRESSIVE and I totally feel it is designed to be one of the LARGEST and FASTEST grow Companies of all time!! You DON’T want to miss the Vidacup Coffee Opportunity!

Vidacup International is in Pre- Launch so YOU are one of the absolute very 1st people in the WORLD to hear about the Vidacup opportunity…so you MUST feel Blessed right now!

There are over 3 BILLION Cups of Coffee comsumed a day! Coffee is the second  largest consumed beverage in the entire  world and timing could not be better with you having an opportunity to cash  in on this POWERHOUSE opportunity! Vidacup will EXPLODE and go completely viral in days from now!

Weekly  Pay PLUS Monthly Pay!

Everyone knows someone who drinks coffee… TOTAL NO-BRAINER!


Vidacup Team Training!
Now  let’s get down to business! Are you a guru…? Then great! Are you a NEWBIE…?  No need to worry because we have a plan for you with Vidacup and have an  exclusive team marketing page and a facebook group where our Vidacup International team shares tips,  tricks and secrets. You can be a part of it all. You wont be left behind!

I’M INwhat is my next step?
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A Final word… You�WILL NOT�find any better of an opportunity anywhere in my book so you need to make an informed decision and�TAKE ACTION NOW!


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